Professional Identity Nursing Paper

Professional Identity Nursing Paper

Professional Identity Nursing Paper

  • A manager is not granting pay to someone who worked overtime.
  • A nurse manager who is tolerating verbal abuse of another nurse.
  • Constantly short-staffing the unit when there is a high census.
  • A nurse not providing all of the patients’ information during shift reports.
  • Favoring one staff over others.
  • Making a hiring or firing decision based on friendship.

When an employer refuses to pay a worker who worked overtime, I can advise them to document the problem or check with the company because it can be an honest mistake, which can be remedied immediately. If the manager fails to comply, the worker should report to the local office of the federal department of labor’s wage and hour division. The victim can file a wage claim within six days. Further, as a nurse manager, I can call for the sacking of such a dishonest manager. Professional Identity Nursing Paper

For a manager who is tolerating an abusive colleague, I would call them and educate them on the unit’s ethical practices. I would ask them to apologize and issue them a final warning on the matter. If the manager continues with the habit, I will demote him and penalize him.

Short staffing the unit when t here is a high census is unfair since it means more workload to the nurses. I would conduct research on the sum of patients being admitted and discharged and develop a good working ratio of the nurses and patients in the unit (Berger et al., Professional Identity Nursing Paper 1991). I would also add a more sensitive measure of better staff allocation, like adding an extra shift or increasing the number of nurses in the unit.

For a nurse who is not providing a patient report when leaving her shift, I will call her to my office and explain the need for that information. I would also tell her that she is endangering the patient’s life by doing so, and she is also making the work of other nurses difficult. I would ensure that she is leaving her shift every time I see her report to approve it.

Favoritism in workplaces is unethical. Treating every employee fairly and equaly important. With such a scenario, I would punish the manager for such unethical practice and demote him. I would then address the issue with the rest of the unit workers who might be saddened by the act and promise them that it will never be repeated.

It is unlawful and against the code of conduct to hire or fire an employee based on friendship. As a manager, I will use the set laws of the organization to punish such a person. Through the assistance of a verdict of a labor tribunal, I will also restore to work the fired individuals and terminate the services of an employee who was employed illegally.

Professional Identity Nursing Paper Reference

Berger, M. C., Seversen, A., & Chvatal, R. (1991). Ethical issues in nursingWestern Journal of Nursing Research13(4), 514-521 DOI: 10.1177/019394599101300407

Professional Identity Nursing Paper
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