Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees: Nursing Bay makes certain guarantees to ensure that their customers are absolutely satisfied. As an online nursing assignment help company, we have an obligation to make our customers feel comfortable with our services. Thus, we have created policies that put the customer first in our operations.  Thus, we have protected all our clients using certain policies we will enumerate below. Understanding these guarantees as well as the accompanying rights is critical to us, so make sure that you take a cursory look at them.

Your order will always be customized exclusively for you.

Our writers understand the paramount importance of originality for every student. That’s why they approach each new order with a fresh perspective, starting from the ground up. Your specific instructions guide the entire writing process, and the writer takes full responsibility for the rest. After completion, all materials undergo a thorough scan using our unique plagiarism detection system. This system doesn’t retain files in an online database, ensuring their originality after each scan.

Upon request, we can also utilize Turnitin. It’s used in a secure and confidential manner, which means your paper will be checked but not stored in any database. Therefore, if it’s scanned again, it will remain free of plagiarism.

If desired, you can request proof of originality. Our Plagiarism report add-on enables us to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the paper, including the percentage of acceptable plagiarism (if any). This report can be included with any paper by adding it to your order.


You can expect the quality you desire in your paper.

For over three years, we’ve catered to a diverse clientele, including international students, native speakers, and particularly detail-oriented scholars. Our extensive experience has revealed that each client brings their unique set of expectations. Whether it’s a preference for straightforward language or a penchant for rich English vocabulary, we’re equipped to deliver.

Do you have specific expectations in mind? Regardless of what they may entail, we boast a range of writers capable of meeting them. You have the flexibility to choose your writer’s expertise level, opting for either our Advanced or TOP writers. With their writing experience spanning three to six years, you’re assured of the best possible outcome.

Concerned about a classmate receiving the same assignment? Rest assured, the papers will never be duplicates. Each of you will be assigned different writers, ensuring distinct and individualized work.

The writer assigned to your order will carefully follow all of your provided instructions.

In crafting each paper from the ground up, your writer will meticulously adhere to all order requirements. Addressing all your requests collectively aims to reduce the likelihood of needing revisions, ultimately saving time for both you and the writer.

Should you wish, our seasoned writers can proficiently format your paper in MLA, APA, Chicago, and other styles. They can also furnish examples, craft a thoughtful conclusion, and substantiate it with compelling arguments if your order necessitates. Every minute detail holds significance.

Your personal and payment information is kept entirely secure.

Having been in the industry for over 7 years, we’ve explored numerous tools and strategies to ensure our service is the most dependable for you.

Any information regarding your identity is held in strict confidence, and you have the option to request its removal at any given time. Rest assured, no one will ever have access to it. Even your assigned writer will only see your unique ID number, generated upon the creation of your personal account.

Furthermore, when it comes to payments, your security is paramount. We exclusively partner with reputable official payment systems like Gate2Shop, Avangate, and BlueSnap. We never ask for sensitive details such as your payment card information, guaranteeing a secure transaction process.

You can rely on receiving authentic assistance, without exception.

Seeking writing assistance from a service like ours is perfectly acceptable. We believe in empowering students and young individuals worldwide to dedicate their lives to pursuits that bring them joy and contribute to making the world a better place. In the long run, we’ll all regret the time spent on things that never truly interested us. This is the very purpose our service serves, and it operates with full legal legitimacy.