Assignment 4: Nurse advocacy

Assignment 4: Nurse advocacy

Assignment 4: Nurse advocacy

Investigate legislation enacted at the state or federal level in the last five years as a result of nurse advocacy. Describe the legislation and the results. What extra efforts are required to continue advocating for this issue?


Rate yourself using the results from the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory” Topic 5 study material.

Write a reflection of1,000 words in which you identify your strengths and weaknesses related to the four content areas below:

  1. Personal and professional accountability
  2. Career planning
  3. Personal journey disciplines
  4. Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace.

Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your implementation plan to achieve that goal.

Complete the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory,” located on the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses website.

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