Health and wellness are broad topics that lend themselves well to persuasive speeches. After all, we all want to lead longer, healthier, happier lives.

Effective health persuasive speeches provide intriguing new perspectives on relevant health issues that engage audiences. A good speaker breathes life into health topics using rhetorical techniques, factual evidence, and passion to change minds or prompt action.

This article provides a vast selection of compelling, persuasive health speech topics suitable for diverse audiences and speaking occasions.

Components of a Persuasive Speech

Here are some key components of an effective persuasive speech:

Logic (Logos)

A persuasive speech should use sound reasoning and evidence to build a logical argument. Solid facts, statistics, examples, and expert opinions help form a rational basis for accepting your viewpoint. As you write a persuasive speech, a reasoned, and logical appeal makes your position more convincing.

Ethics Ethos)

While passion is important, ethical persuasion relies on truth, integrity, and legitimacy. Avoid false logic, distortion of facts, or manipulation. Persuade through ethical means focused on benefits to others versus self-interest.

Emotion Pathos)

Connect emotionally with your audience by vividly painting a picture of the future you envision. Appeal to desires, fears, and frustrations through rhetorical devices, imagery, and anecdotes that ignite feelings and imagination. Emotion complements logic.

Blending rational arguments, ethics, and emotional resonance provides the most persuasive impact. A comprehensive approach covering logical, ethical, and emotional dimensions makes your speech most compelling.

List of Health Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

Here are 180 potential health-persuasive speech topics suitable for various audiences:

Health Persuasive Speech Topics for College

Persuasive speeches aimed at college students allow speakers to address wellness issues relevant to campus life. They include:

  1. Why college students should make sleep a priority
  2. Benefits of mindfulness for student mental health
  3. Dangers of Adderall misuse on campuses
  4. Why all colleges should provide free contraception
  5. How students can eat healthy on a tight budget
  6. Why credit-bearing health/PE classes should be required
  7. Dangers of binge drinking culture on campuses
  8. How students can better handle stress
  9. Why all dorms should be 100% smoke-free
  10. Promoting acceptance of mental health issues
  11. How students can balance academics and wellness
  12. Why all colleges need comprehensive consent policies
  13. How students can avoid “Freshman 15” weight gain
  14. Why animal therapy should be offered on campuses
  15. Why colleges should allow emotional support animals

Unique Health Persuasive Essay Topics

These look beyond typical health topics to find creative arguments on interesting, persuasive essay subjects. They include:

  1. Meatless Mondays should be nationwide
  2. Schools should teach CPR/first aid skills
  3. Childhood obesity prevention tactics
  4. Why workplaces should offer paid mental health days
  5. The pro-choice argument
  6. Promoting transgender rights and acceptance
  7. Why reality television promotes unhealthy body ideals
  8. The need for trigger warnings in media/education
  9. Why LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed is essential
  10. How pretending “sickness” is weakness harms mental health
  11. Why gluten-free diets are overhyped
  12. The case for legalizing marijuana
  13. Making healthcare pricing more transparent
  14. Lowering prescription drug costs
  15. Promoting body positivity and self-love

Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Speeches focused on mental health can bring much-needed attention to overlooked issues. They include:

  1. Ending the stigma around mental illness
  2. Making therapy more accessible and affordable
  3. Warning signs of depression in teens
  4. Suicide prevention awareness
  5. Self-care strategies for better mental health
  6. Recognizing and reducing caregiver burnout
  7. Social media’s mental health impact on teens
  8. Reducing anxiety through mindfulness
  9. Managing stress through work/life balance
  10. Recognizing signs of PTSD in veterans
  11. Helping partners with postpartum depression
  12. Dangers of “digital detoxing”
  13. The link between diet and mental health
  14. Reducing substance abuse on college campuses
  15. Coping with grief and loss in healthy ways

Persuasive Health Speech Topics for Kids

Fun, engaging persuasive speech topics about health can educate young audiences. They include:

  1. Benefits of team sports and exercise
  2. Good sleep habits for better learning
  3. Trying new fruits and vegetables
  4. Reading food nutrition labels with parents
  5. Protecting skin from too much sun
  6. Oral health tips like flossing and checkups
  7. Being germ-conscious at school
  8. Respecting classmates with allergies
  9. Safely using over-the-counter medicines
  10. Hand washing to avoid colds and flu
  11. Staying safe around household chemicals
  12. Recognizing and reporting bullying behavior
  13. Being considerate towards classmates
  14. Why school vaccines protect student health
  15. Online stranger danger awareness

The Best Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

Complex medical research issues provide impactful subject matter for persuasive speeches. Some good topic ideas include:

  1. How stem cell research saves lives
  2. Importance of HPV vaccines for cancer prevention
  3. Pre-exposure prophylaxis helps end HIV
  4. Neonatal abstinence syndrome risks
  5. Dangers of elective C-sections without medical need
  6. Reducing disparities in maternal healthcare
  7. Unethical “DIY” microbiome transplants
  8. Reforming unethical pharmaceutical marketing practices
  9. Reducing prescription opioid abuse
  10. Why nurses should have more professional autonomy
  11. Improving end-of-life care options
  12. Reducing unnecessary medical interventions in terminal patients
  13. Increasing funding for fibro/ME/CFS research
  14. Early interventions to reduce sepsis deaths
  15. Shortening transplant waiting lists to save lives

Public Speaking Health Persuasive Speech Topics

These include local health policies and initiatives that make strong topics for speeches aiming to persuade communities. They include:

  1. Local policies promoting bike lanes and walkability
  2. Placing restrictions on E-cigarette sales
  3. Increasing public green spaces and recreation areas
  4. Taxing high-sugar beverages to fight obesity
  5. Building family-friendly communities
  6. Making health insurance truly affordable for all
  7. Investing more in Alzheimer’s support and research
  8. Free CPR and first aid certification for residents
  9. More comprehensive sex education in schools
  10. Citywide smoking bans, including e-cigarettes
  11. Increased gun regulation and safety measures
  12. Investing more in affordable mental healthcare
  13. Constructing additional local homeless shelters
  14. Decriminalizing marijuana possession
  15. Stricter alcohol safety and awareness campaigns

Funny Health Persuasive Speech Topics

A touch of humor helps engage audiences on persuasive health topics. Some of them include:

  1. Everyone should own a pet flamingo
  2. Rap songs make the best lullabies
  3. Spoiler alerts should be illegal
  4. Pineapple pizza is the best pizza
  5. Cereal is better for dinner than breakfast
  6. Potato chips should be considered a healthy food
  7. All candy should be sugar-free
  8. Peloton classes are overrated
  9. The optimal bedtime is 7:30 pm
  10. Sweatpants are the only acceptable pants
  11. Slippers should be worn outdoors
  12. Naptime should be a mandatory high school class
  13. Hot tubs are better than swimming pools
  14. Tree climbing should be an Olympic sport
  15. Snow days should be weekly in winter

Easy Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Straightforward health topics are easier for newer public speakers. They include:

  1. Drinking more water improves health
  2. Exercising 3x a week has mental/physical benefits
  3. Cutting out soda improves dental health
  4. Eating a balanced diet gives you more energy
  5. Walking 10,000 steps per day prevents weight gain
  6. Reading reduces mental decline as you age
  7. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep improves focus
  8. Laughing lowers stress hormone levels
  9. Handwashing prevents the spread of germs
  10. Stretching before/after exercise prevents injury
  11. Eating breakfast kickstarts your metabolism
  12. Strength training builds bone density
  13. Relaxation techniques reduce anxiety
  14. A positive mindset improves healing
  15. Spending time outdoors boosts immunity

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Thought-provoking health issues can captivate audiences. They include:

  1. Early cancer detection saves lives
  2. Improving healthcare accessibility
  3. Teaching teens safe driving skills
  4. Reducing health impacts of climate change
  5. Childhood literacy and development
  6. Social inequities in women’s healthcare
  7. Promoting vaccine trust and uptake
  8. Improving conditions in nursing homes
  9. Health risks of loneliness in the elderly
  10. Mitigating the impacts of natural disasters
  11. Curbing antibiotic misuse and resistance
  12. Access to contraception reduces abortions
  13. Risks of unregulated supplements
  14. Dangers of poor indoor air quality
  15. Reducing harms of hospital errors

Health Fitness Persuasive Speech Topics

Exercise and wellness present many options for persuasive speeches or assignments. Some good ideas include:

  1. How fitness trackers improve health goals
  2. Benefits of HIIT workouts
  3. Joining a running group for motivation
  4. Trying new healthy recipes at home
  5. Accountability of gym buddy systems
  6. Safer steroid alternatives for muscle gain
  7. Modifying exercises for chronic conditions
  8. Preventing repetitive strain injuries
  9. Sports psychology techniques
  10. Hazards of unhealthy fad diets
  11. Benefits of yoga and mindfulness
  12. Ergonomics for office workers
  13. ReducingRunner’s knee and shin splints
  14. How fitness empowers people
  15. Celebrating all body types

Controversial Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Hot-button health issues invite debate but require careful handling. They include:

  1. Parents shouldn’t opt out of childhood vaccines
  2. Schools should distribute free condoms
  3. Why abortion rights must be protected
  4. Allowing medically assisted deaths in dire cases
  5. Enforcing vaping bans for minors
  6. Decriminalizing drugs for personal use
  7. Banning junk food ads targeting kids
  8. Mandating graphic warnings on cigarettes
  9. Taxing religious groups and churches
  10. Legalizing polygamy between consenting adults
  11. Harsher penalties for HIV nondisclosure
  12. Mandating BMI screening in schools
  13. Banning unvaccinated kids from schools
  14. Lowering the voting age to 16
  15. Ending abstinence-only sex education

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics

Flaws and potential improvements in healthcare systems offer simpler, persuasive speech ideas. These include:

  1. Reducing disparities in women’s health
  2. Improving flu shot access and affordability
  3. Expanding Medicaid services in all states
  4. Curbing predatory medical billing practices
  5. Investing more in mental health programs
  6. Free OTC contraceptives in pharmacies
  7. Subsidizing addiction rehab programs
  8. Lowering prescription medication costs
  9. Healthcare benefits of robotic surgery
  10. Risks of unnecessary C-sections
  11. Providing better end-of-life care options
  12. Making medical records electronic over paper
  13. Expanding free mobile health clinics
  14. Offering free STI testing and treatment
  15. Improving conditions in nursing homes

What is a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

Simple, Easy Topics

For beginner public speakers, opting for relatively simple, straightforward topics related to health and wellness can be a good strategy. Speaking about basic topics such as the benefits of exercise, healthy eating habits, stress management, or getting enough sleep allows new speakers to focus more on developing their delivery skills rather than getting bogged down in complex research. Easy topics provide a more accessible starting point.

Trending, Relevant Topics

Effective persuasive speeches often address current trends in the news or social media. Choosing hot-button issues on people’s minds helps connect with audiences who are likely already engaged with the topic. Timely, relevant issues can make speeches more impactful. Just ensure the trending topic has some longevity and is not just a fad.

Unique, Interesting Ideas

While simple topics have their place, choosing a unique, creative, or unexpected health-related topic often results in higher audience engagement and interest. Think outside the box for perspectives on issues people may not have considered. An interesting angle or approach to a familiar health topic can catch listeners’ attention and curiosity.

How to Choose a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?


First, pick a topic that genuinely excites your interest and attention. Choose an issue you care about enough to research and speak on at length enthusiastically. Passion for the topic comes through in delivery, making your speech more energetic, convincing, and memorable. Your enthusiasm shines.

Avoid Clichés

Be aware of overdone, predictable health topics that have become a bit clichéd due to repetitive overuse in speeches. While classics like exercise, nutrition, and stress can work, try to put a fresh spin on them or find an angle that makes them feel new. Originality goes a long way.


Strong persuasive speech topics tend to lend themselves to debate and discussion rather than just reciting factual information. Seek ideas that invite subjective arguments from various perspectives. Leave room for listeners to draw their conclusions after weighing different viewpoints.