The Rise in Alzheimers Disease in California Sample


            I plan on discussing how Alzheimer’s is now on the rise in California, and focusing on the factors contributing to the rise of the disease. I will also be comparing and contrast where Alzheimer’s is generally a problem and where it is not in California. Another topic I will discuss is, only certain races are primarily affected with the disease, some more than others.

Statement of the Problem

            An investigative study to asses why Alzheimer’s has become the sixth leading cause of death in California, and by the year 2030, those affected by the disease will have doubled.

Background/ Significance of the Problem

             Alzheimer’s Disease is an incurable, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory, ability to think, and eventually unable to do simple tasks (National Institute on Aging. 2017). A person affected with Alzheimer’s may experience symptoms such as: memory loss, language problems, and unpredictable behavior. Recently, my Aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it was such an emotional experience for all of our family to go through. Although, from my Aunt’s experience, I can say that it is all true. My Aunt mainly struggles in the speech aspect of it, but eventually she will forget how to communicate, cook, and even eat. It’s not only a hard thing to watch but we never know when that day will come when she will wake up and forget who we all are. With it, comes her good days and her bad days; a good day consists of her finishing her own sentences and remembering how to make lasagna. A bad day consists of her not being able to get the words out of her mouth and forgetting what was said to her five minutes ago. Every day is a struggle for her, but we cherish the moments we have till they are gone.

Damage to the hippocampus is where Alzheimer’s starts to affect the person, and eventually spreads throughout the brain causing it to shrink (National Institute of Health). Those affected are usually 65 years and older. It is now the sixth leading cause in the United States, and in California. (Alzheimer’s Association. 2019) As of now, there are no cures for the disease, however they are constantly doing studies trying to find cures. There also treatment centers and medication available to help slow the process down. My aunt is currently involved in a study through San Francisco State.

Burden of the Problem

            The burden of the problem is that Alzheimer’s has now increased to the sixth leading cause of death, not just in California but in the United States as well. It is also expected to rise by the year 2030 for unknown reasons. As of 2019, there is no cure for the disease. Doctors are also unable to identify the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Key Stakeholders

            The population being affected by Alzheimer’s are those fifty years and up. As we tend to age, we become more prone to developing Alzheimer’s Disease (Mark W. Albers). Alzheimer’s tends to become a problem amongst minority groups for reasons such as: lower education, genetic structure and vulnerability to vascular disease. (ProQuest) There are also certain medication that may work for certain races but not work for others. So, finding a medication that is diverse is essential in treating this disease.


            To try to help with Alzheimer’s, I believe some sort of campaign should be established to promote people to get yearly checkups once reaching the age of fifty.  I believe it can help prevent or catch Alzheimer’s in its earliest stages before it’s too late. We could provide them with genetic testing, assessments, and scans. It would not only help prevent Alzheimer’s but other diseases as well. Spending money on finding a cure is needed, however money should also be spent educating others about the disease, especially minority groups. With that being said, healthcare needs to be more accessible and affordable. Though I am not a doctor, so doing research to find a cure is out of my practice, but I can educate others on the information I do know. These are just some methods I would try to fulfill in order to help prevent Alzheimer’s from increasing.

Summary/ Conclusion

            From this assessment, I learned that being able to diagnosis Alzheimer’s in its earliest stages is nearly impossible. It is also taking over because we have yet to find a cure for the disease. From researching, I also learned that Alzheimer’s puts a burden on individuals, families, state, federal government, businesses, and the nation health care system. I also learned that Medicare has increased its funding by nearly 50% compared to all the other diseases and Alzheimer’s is the only disease to have increased since 2002. (Mark W. Albers) Overall, I believe more preventive measures in all aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease needs to be taken in order to decrease the amount of those affected.

  • Alzheimer’s Brain consist of: Amyloid Plaques and Tau
    • Vascular system
    • Glucose metabolism
  • Lost of connection between neurons in brain
  • As neuron dies brain tissue shrinks: 1st in the hippocampu