NR 504 Week 8 Assignment – The Meso Level Leadership

NR 504 Week 8 Assignment – The Meso Level Leadership

NR 504 Week 8 Assignment – The Meso Level Leadership

Care Clinic Scenario:

The care given to the residents of Summerville, Florida, is something that the Executive Team of Care Clinic takes great pride in. The Clinic is renowned for its community outreach initiatives and for taking a holistic approach to treating its patients. The Executive Team of Care Clinic evaluates the benchmark results for customer satisfaction in relation to customer service and quality indicators every year. In the last 12 months, the scores in the areas of client satisfaction and quality care have significantly dropped.

To assist in understanding the quality issues related to client care occurring within the Care Clinic, you are provided with two videos of client situations that have been recorded using Second Life. You are also required to enter Second Life to observe actions and conversations occurring within the Care Clinic. When viewing the videos and participating within the Care Clinic located in Second Life, consider yourself to be the manager and identify quality care issues consistent with decreasing client satisfaction scores. From your leadership perspective, determine how the declining benchmarks can be addressed and improved. Discuss the actions/changes that need to be implemented in order to improve the satisfaction scores and attained Care Clinic quality outcomes.

The Care Clinic Improvement Project will need to be completed by the end of week six of this course and requires that each of the following areas to be addressed.

  1. Identify ONE satisfaction benchmark that you will be addressing and why this benchmark has been selected. Select the ONE client satisfaction benchmark from the following list:
  2. Decrease in client satisfaction scores related to courtesy and friendliness of staff at the Care Clinic.
  3. Decrease in client satisfaction scores related to staff explaining discharge instructions in a manner that is understandable to the client/client.
  4. Decrease in the quality nursing care related to interventions provided to clients at the Clinic.
  5. Describe the leadership dynamics related to how the improvement/change project will be managed.
  6. Identify the change model that will be used in addressing the selected benchmark.
  7. Describe the course of action/change.


NR 504 Week 8 Discussion You and Your Leadership Journey Recent

You and Your Leadership Journey

Week 8 has arrived and it provides an excellent opportunity to reflect—to self-reflect on your leadership journey that started eight weeks ago. For the discussion provide a comprehensive response to each of the following topics:

Based upon your learning experiences in NR 504, identify two areas that were new to you regarding leadership and how will you use these two areas in your future professional nursing practice area.
Speculate on how you could use the leadership concepts presented in NR 504 to guide your final MSN practicum project.

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