GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

To become familiar with the GCU Learning Management System (LMS) LoudCloud and the GCU website.

Use the attached document, “Navigating LoudCloud” to complete the assignment.

Be sure to address all 18 questions in Part 1 & 2 and complete the matching in Part 3. When you have finished, save the document. While in the assignment drop box: 1) click NEW ATTEMPT, 2) upload your saved document, 3) SUBMIT to FINAL SUBMISSION.

Purpose of Assignment: To become familiar with the GCU learning management system we refer to as the LoudCloud classroom, explore important GCU student resources, and become familiar with GCU’s collegiate level writing expectations.

Grading Criteria: The assignment will be graded with an instructor answer key.

Directions: Type directly into this document. Please locate the correct response(s) to each of the questions below, and then provide your answer found, in one to two sentences, or short answer format. (The spacing will be adjusted as you type your responses. Please DO NOT forget to SAVE once you begin to answer the questions, so you do not lose any information.)

1. Click on the DASHBOARD tab in the Loud Cloud classroom. Describe the following tabs (table will expand as needed):

2. From the DASHBOARD in Loud Cloud, explain the steps to find your grades and instructor feedback.

3. Under the DASHBOARD tab in Lou Read More GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

dCloud, click on the STUDENT RESOURCES link and locate the STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER. Search for RESOURCES and locate THE WRITING CENTER. From there click on STYLE GUIDE AND TEMPLATES and locate GCU Style Guide and Template documents. (Right click and save these to your computer for future reference). Once you have read the Style Guide, why do you think academic writing requires such strict formatting?

4. Inside the Student Success Center, type “Tutorials & Webinars” in the search bar. List three tutorials or webinars that will help you most as you begin this course. For each, explain how you feel they will help.

5. From the Course Home page in Loud Cloud, click on the DASHBOARD tab and then click on CONNECT link and then FORUMS. Locate (at the top of the page) and explain the purpose of the Discussion Question Forum, Private Forum, and Questions to Instructor Forum. GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

6. Click on the DASHBOARD tab in the Loud Cloud classroom and select PATH. List the three headings across the top of the page and list their content.

7. Go to the DASHBOARD tab and click on STUDENT RESOURCES and then LIBRARY. Under About Us click on the Frequently Asked Questions link. Describe how to get help from the librarian.

8. Use the DASHBOARD tab, click on CONNECT, and then ROSTER. Review your instructor’s profile, provide his/her contact information, including office hours.

9. There are two different locations to review the ANNOUNCEMENTS. Locate and share the steps to find the Announcements through the DASHBOARD tab. In addition, where else on the homepage can you go directly to the Announcements (hint: it is an icon)?

10. Once logged into the LoudCloud classroom, within the DASHBOARD, locate the GCU TECHNICAL SUPPORT tab. List three ways in which you can contact them, and also provide their email address and phone number (hint: look for the “need help” Tab)?

The following question is directed towards the GCU Website at: https://www.gcu.edu

11. On the Home page, hover over Academics and click the Major and Programs tab. Locate your Major and list one core (Major) course that looks most interesting to you? Why? Include course name, number and description along with your explanation.

The following questions are directed towards the GCU Website at: http://students.gcu.edu

12. On the Home Page, locate and click Student Life, then locate and click Spiritual Life. Describe which sections of this page interest you. Why?

13. On the Home page, locate and click Student Resources. Locate and click Learning Resources then locate and click Learning Lounge. What can you expect during your tutoring session with a learning advocate (LEAD)? GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud Part 2: LoudCloud Quick Quiz

Directions: Please highlight the correct response for the following questions.

14. What would you do if you wanted to ask your instructor a question in which you felt your classmates could benefit from the answer as well?

a) Send him or her a personal email

b) Post the question in the Discussion Question Forum

c) Post the question in the Private Forum

d) Post the question in the Questions to Instructor Forum

15. Where is the syllabus found in Loud Cloud?

a) Student Resources tab

b) Classroom Policies tab

c) In the Forums

d) Within the Path tab

16. Where is the planner found?

a) The Syllabus

b) Dashboard

c) Main Forum

d) Library

17. Where do you find the “Announcements” tab for a course in LoudCloud? GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

a) Messages tab


c) The instructor emails them to you at the start of each week.

d) Both A and B

18. LoudCloud gives you the ability to personalize your “Planner”?

a) True

b) False

PART 3: GCU Writing Expectations

The purpose of this section is to help you understand some of the academic writing expectations at GCU and in higher education. Included is a comprehensive list of writing expectations or guidelines you will want to adhere to during your academic career as well as ways to overcome common errors in college-level writing.

After reviewing the Developing Academic Skills Guide and the Academic Writing Guidelines Resource located under Resources and the accompanying links, complete the sections below. In addition to this, you are welcome to use external resources such as the GCU Library, Google Scholar, or similar search engines to understand these guidelines and common errors more fully. GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud


Place the correct guideline (the capital letters), next to the correct description of that guideline.


A Contractions F 1st Lines of Paragraphs indent 0.5” K Spell Check

B Writing in 3rd person G Conciseness L Margins

C Times New Roman 12pt Font H Run-on Sentences M Text/Slang language

D Double Space I Fragmented Sentences N Capitalization

E Align Left J Idioms O Essay Formatting

Guideline Descriptions:

Microsoft Word has a sophisticated “checker” to identify most spelling, grammar, & consistency errors. Remove all before submission. GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

An extra line between sentences accomplished by using the “Line and Paragraphing Spacing” option in Microsoft Word & selecting 2.0 Spacing

The TAB key often makes a perfect 0.5-inch indentation by default.

All four sides of each page in your document must default to 1.0” for the top, bottom, left, and right sides.

Separates creative writing from formal academic writing including APA, MLA, & GCU Style. Strict adherence is required.

Clichés slang or figurative language should be avoided. Instead, write out or use the definition instead of the cliché.

Avoid the shortened forms of one or two words combined. Spell out both words.

Be sure to use this appropriately for the first word in every sentence, proper nouns, and Netiquette.

LOL is an example of a term that should not be used in academic writing.

Most common standardized lettering and size in college level writing.

Microsoft Word will underline these errors with a blue line. Rewrite the sentence until the blue line disappears.

Paragraphs should be aligned to the left at the zero or null point on the Microsoft Word ruler.

Avoid extraordinarily long sentences. The word “and” can often be a place to split up a Run-on.

Avoid wordiness by deleting needless words and using Microsoft Word thesaurus for word ideas, synonyms, and antonyms.

One would, A person could, They should, She, He, It are examples of writing in this point of view. GCU UNV103 Week 1 Assignment Navigating Loud Cloud

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