Emergency Response and Planning Tornado Sentinel City Sample Paper


When an emergency such as an earthquake, tornadoes, and terrorist activities occur, many people fall victim. Some die while others are injured. Those injured require urgent care to save their lives. The local government and healthcare systems must have elaborate emergency response reams to ensure such emergencies are well catered for. According to Rafferty-Semon et al. (2017), disasters are on the rise and pose a significant threat to public health. Disaster management is a process involving activities before, during, and after emergencies. This paper reviews the effects of a tornado in sentinel city, Acer Tech, and Casper Park districts, emergency response teams, and the effects of using social media during emergencies.

Potential Effects of a Tornado

A Tornado in Sentinel City would lead to injuries and also death. Injuries would result from people being hit by large objects like bricks, trees, and glass. Severe injuries could also lead to death. Tornadoes would also cause infrastructure damage that is, houses, barns, vehicles, and businesses would be ruined. Other damages to infrastructure would include destroyed powerlines, falling trees, and possible fires. Animals would die in the process, a fire caused by lightning and destroyed power lines, uprooted trees, and destroyed food crops. A tornado can lead to significant damages and potential loss of human and animal life.

Emergency Management Teams

Fire and Rescue Services.

This team would be integral in putting out arising fires and prevent fires in the respective districts. The team could help victims of fires in first aid before getting them to hospitals. They also aid in extracting property and human life trapped in fires. Fire and rescue teams are engaged in building fires, forest fires

Police officers/ Law enforcement.

Police officers are often the first emergency response team members. They are quite many in Sentinel City. They can help people to safety, prevent further damage by citizens who take advantage of the tornado to steal and destroy. Trained police officers can also offer first aid to victims

Emergency medical teams/ paramedics

Paramedics are medical personnel who have been trained in providing emergency services. They triage patients, provide first aid and more specialized care, and appropriately refer patients requiring more specialized care such as respiratory support (Veenema et al., 2017). Paramedics come in handy during natural disasters, road accidents, terrorist attacks, and floods (Erickson, 2019). Their primary function is to save human life and alleviate further surffering.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

When disasters occur, the Federal Emergency Management Agency responds. The agency is responsible for planning evacuation, mitigation, and managing disaster effects (Erickson, 2019). The agency is also responsible for disaster preparedness. The agency harmonizes all other teams and ensures every team has enough equipment and performs its duties (Erickson, 2019).

Private and Public Resources

Large hospitals have specialized emergency stores to store equipment vital in emergency care involving many victims (Veenema., 2017). These items are retrieved and stores replenished in the recovery phase of the natural disaster. Emergency Alert Systems are integral in informing the public. Trained personnel are also integral in emergency responses (Erickson, 2019). Private resources include private hospitals, which can relieve some burden of the emergency victims from the public hospitals. Private ambulance services can be vital in responding to natural disasters.

Quick Public Responses Shared on Social Media

Sharing information on social media enhances public awareness. People who live in the areas can respond to the posts and flee to safety. Emergency teams can also get information on social media and respond. Members of the public can see the post and also offer help to the victims. Social media posts can be misleading if not correctly done. They can also cause panic. The information can be used to extort money from the public unlawfully. The information can also be collected by unscrupulous characters who can take advantage of the situation to cause more damage to the area.


Emergency management requires planning before, during, and after the emergency. Emergency Management Teams focus on the three areas. They all work in harmony to ensure mitigation of the emergency and recuperation from its effects. The Federal Emergency Management Agency responds to emergencies and harmonies personnel and equipment. It also establishes and pioneers disaster preparedness. Social media platforms can provide a good ground for posting quick public responses but not without risks. Any city should have well-laid out disaster preparedness plans.


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