Discussion Details of the CAC coding system

Discussion Details of the CAC coding system

THREE: Instructions

Develop a PowerPoint presentation for the clinic’s employees, discussing the details of the CAC coding system. Include the following in the presentation:

  1. Requirement needs for installing the CAC system
  2. CAC system storage capacity
  3. How the system helps ensure data integrity
  4. How the use, storage, and revision of data is managed within the system
  5. Managing coding alerts and reminders in the system.
  6. How CAC Systems Incorporated will ensure interoperability between the CAC system and the existing EHR system.
  7. The systems development life cycle and the tasks that would be included in each phase of the life cycle for the implementation of the CAC system.

The PowerPoint slides should only contain general information as a visual for the audience. Be sure to include details of each slide within the slide’s note pane.

FOUR: Presentation of Deliverables-After completing the above deliverables to the best of your ability, you will present them to your Remote HIM Professional Mentor.

1. Set up your deliverables in a presentable fashion for display over WebEx. The deliverables should be portrayed in a professional, neat fashion, and it should easily be used as a visual reference.

2. Prepare a verbal summary of the project you have completed. It should explain the project challenge, the project purpose, and the project steps. Include a story with your presentation such as a) Cover what was difficult for you and b) how your own experiences helped you complete this project, etc. Make this presentation as if you were a reporter and your mentor is a student learning about HIM.

3. Use professional language, professional tone, be well organized – you are the leader of this presentation. Be prepared to answer questions from your Remote Mentor. You should know this scenario and the work you completed on it.