SOCW 6111 Week 1 Discussions

SOCW 6111 Week 1 Discussions

SOCW 6111 Week 1 Discussions Latest


Discussion 1:
Ungraded Introductory Video

The profession of social work is unique as it offers you a wide variety of populations to work with, such as adults, children, adolescents, and the elderly. Social work allows you the opportunity to choose from many different types of work settings, such as a hospital, a courthouse, a mental health clinic, or a prison. With so many exciting options it may be difficult to decide your long-term employment goals. Additionally, you may have come into the social work program believing you wanted to work with one particular group, but now that you have taken some courses, you may have changed your mind. In this video, you will share the population or group you desire to work with at this time. Describing the social issues this group encounters will offer additional insight into why you chose this group. As you watch your colleagues’ videos, you may learn about a group you never considered working with before.

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For this ungraded assignment, you may find it helpful to review the Final Project requirements located in Week 10.

Write it out and I will record it

Record  a 2- to 3-minute video introducing yourself to your colleagues and sharing your career interests. Your video should include:

  •        Your name
  •        Your geographic location
  •        A description of the population or group you would prefer to work with once you graduate: family and children correctional center
  •        A description of the social issue(s) this group encounters in society
  •        An explanation of the challenges and opportunities you expect to encounter when working with this group

Upload your video using the Mashup Tool in the classroom. For instructions on how to upload your video, refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader area on the course navigation menu.

Post your video.

To upload your media to this discussion thread, use the Kaltura Media option from the mashup tool drop-down menu. Refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader area in the course navigation menu for more information about how to upload media to the course.


Discussion 2:
Integrating Theory and Practice

As a social work student, it is important to understand the need for theory-informed practice. As you assess, intervene, and evaluate in your practice, theory is an essential foundation for clinical social work. The use of theory to inform and guide your practice is what establishes you as a professional. In working with clients, you should always be aware of the underlying theory of your clinical approach. Through this course, you will develop the ability to better articulate the theoretical base by which you choose your interventions. You will use theory in every decision you make as it guides you through your practice. Additionally, identifying the theories in assessing and creating change will make you a more confident and skilled social work practitioner.

By Day 4

Post  an analysis and description of the importance of the use of theory in clinical practice. Then describe how the use of theory relates to the social issue you presented in your Introductory Video for this week’s Assignment.



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