Shortage of nurses in the health industry HW 4

Shortage of nurses in the health industry HW 4

Shortage of nurses in the health industry HW 4

The course culminating project is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on health policy research due in Workshop Six. Refer to the Assessment Criteria in Workshop Six, 6.2 Final Project for more information on how your presentation will be evaluated.

Your presentation will cover a credible healthcare policy research project that has already been completed, as well as research methodology, HIPAA and IRB compliance, how one step of the research process was carried out, and how you would drive the policy into application/implementation.

The purpose of this project is to familiarize you with how healthcare issues (for example, obesity, smoking cessation, nutrition, or other national health needs) are funded, researched, made into healthcare policy, and then driven into implementation through legislation. For the health policy project you chose or were assigned, you will use all of the information presented throughout the course and will document the 10 “Steps in Conducting Health Policy Research,”


  1. Conceptualization
  2. groundwork
  3. methods
  4. design
  5. sampling
  6. mesuament
  7. data collection
  8. data processing
  9. data analysis
  10. application

There should be a brief summary or bullet point for each step. Next, you will choose one of these elements to describe in detail.

Included in this PowerPoint presentation will be the writing of one aspect of the policy manual you would present to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), concerning your health policy research topic. You will also document:

  1. The health policy research data sources you used
  2. How research data—qualitative and quantitative—was collected
  3. The use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to collect data
  4. The research conducted and its evaluation
  5. HIPAA and IRB compliance
  6. Research and case studies used
  7. Sampling and measurement
  8. Conclusions of the healthcare policy and how it is to be implemented

For example, healthcare policy research for “obesity in children” would result in policies and supporting research on:

  • Emphasizing good eating classes in public/private schools and home
  • Providing only proper nutrition in school food (no fast food or soda)
  • Improving physical education for the family
  • Offering classes on healthy living for parents and children
  • Passing and implementing legislation (consider Exhibit 8.1, page 190, in your textbook, Introduction to Health Policy)


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