Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

The development of knowledge requires a number of processes in order to establish credible data to ensure the validity and appropriateness of how it can be used in the future. For the healthcare industry, this has provided the ability to create and form new types of interventions in order to give adequate care across a of number of fields within the system. Research then, has been an essential part in providing definitive data, either by disproving previous beliefs or confirming newly found data and methods.

Moreover, research in itself contains its own process with a methodological approach. Of the notable methods, quantitative research is often used for its systemic approach (Polit & Beck, 2006). Thus, the use of the scientific method is used, which also utilizes the use of numerical data (Polit & Beck). Here, researches make use of creating surveys, scales, or placing a numerical value on it subjects (Polit & Beck). In the end the resulting data is neutral and statistical. However, like all things its approach is not perfect, yet, it has the ability to yield valuable data.

Summary of Critiqued Article

For nursing, research has played a major role in the way clinical practice is done. Research has allowed nurses to provide appropriate care to patients. It allows them to perform their job by providing them the tools and information they need in order to make the decisions on the concerns for caring the patient (Polit & Beck, Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper 2006). Moreover, research can also take focus on the workers themselves in order to improve the practice both on a professional and personal level. An example of a study conducted by King, Vidourek, and Schweibert of University of Cincinnati created a study to determine if there is a correlation between …

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…nce in the outcomes for many. Knowledge grants others the ability to fulfill their duties across a spectrum of fields and for nurses; it allows them to make decision that can improve the outcome of patient’s health. Nurses are a vital backbone to the healthcare system and through research they are able to continue to expand their roles, knowledge, and abilities on a professional and personal level.


King, K. A., Vidourek, R., & Schwiebert, M. (2009). Disordered eating and job stress among nurses. Journal of Nursing Management, 17, 861-869. Retrieved from

Polit, D., & Beck, C. (2006). Essentials of nursing research: appraising evidence for nursing practice (7th ed.). Phildelphia: Lippencott Wilkins & Williams.  Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

Critique research articles mean careful and critical appraisal of strength and limitations of a piece of research, rather than hunting for and exposing mistake (Polt and Beck 2008).

A critical review is an evaluation of an academic article or essay. It makes judgment, positive or negative, about the text using various criteria. It is an overall critical appraisal, which mainly focus on the reliability, validity, strengths and weakness, rather than the faults or weakness of the research (New South Wales University, learning Centre).

It is the summarization and evaluation of the ideas and information in an article. It expresses the writer’s point of view in the light of what you already know on the subject and what is acquired from related texts.

Purpose of the essay- The aim of this assignment is to develop a solid understanding of the experiences of residents in nursing home care by critiquing a published qualitative health research.Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

In this article critical thinking frame work is based on critical review guideline for qualitative studies by Beck, C 2009, ‘Critiquing Qualitative Research, Aorn Journal, vol 90,issue 4, pp. 543-545.

Reason behind to use this frame is that this frame provides specific guideline and cover all most all questions of critique such as how to do critique on title, phenomenon, structure, research design analysis data, findings and other prospective of the article.Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

TITLE: The title is catchy and peaks the interest of the reader. Title of the study is well described and self-explanatory. Resident’s while living in a nursing home are clearly identified as the key phenomenon being investigated. The article title included o age of participants, their experiences of interpersonal relationship factors in nursing home care (Kitto, 2010, p-201).

Title indicates that it is a qualitative study and title match with context of article. The objective of study is clearly stated in title.

ABSTRACT: The abstract is clearly and concisely summarised the main features of the report like background, objectives, participants, method, design, setting, results and conclusion. Background stated that the number of those who needing care in nursing home will also increase dramatically over the period of next 20 years (Huber et al., 2009). Quality of care across developed countries mainly focus on patient safety, excellence in care and patient satisfaction (Nakrem et al., 2009)


STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: The problem statement is unequivocally and easily located in the first paragraph of the article. The researcher focus on how nursing home quality can be understand from resident point of view. The problem certainly has significance for nursing Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper because the life expectancy and number of resident will increase in next 20 years. The problem statement convinced clearly and having a ability to persuade because the study is a great under standing of interpersonal factors which are very important for improving the quality of patient nurse relationship in nursing homes.

This Statement of problem does build Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper a cogent and persuasive argument for the new study as the consideration of interpersonal relationship factors and quality of nursing care could be difference from nurses and resident’s perspective. It has great significance in nursing as people who were the owners of the house is now the resident’s of the nursing home. So they feel their integrity is at risk Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper in nurse patient interaction and care.

They feel more dependent and sometime helpless. So it is very important to study those aspects and find out the drawbacks and rectified them so the residents feel safer, secure and live their life happily in nursing home. The match between the research problem and the qualitative paradigm and tradition used in the study is Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper good. The researcher used the phenomenological methods in order to explain the life experience of people in nursing home in regards to quality of care and their expectations.

RESEARCH QUESTIONS: Nursing question mean generating and assessing evidence for Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper nursing (Hilarie, 2011, p-105).

In this article author did not clearly state the researcher question, the author did ask research question, and author further divided the each research question in to sub categories for more understanding of problems. Qualitative method of data collection fit the research question by using phenomenological theory, in residents with lived experience (Polit, Beck & Hungler Nursing Research Article Critique Essay Example Paper

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