NR602 Week 8: Homework- Website Exploration Paper

NR602 Week 8: Homework- Website Exploration Paper

NR602 Week 8: Homework- Website Exploration Paper

Please go in and look at each of these websites and become familiar with them. You will use them this week and throughout the remainder of the course.

  • Cochrane Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Children with Anxiety
  • CDC Pediatric Developmental Screening
  • National Eating Disorder Association
  • USPSTF Guidelines for Depression Screening in Children



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NR 602 Week 8 Reflection Recent

Over the past eight weeks the curriculum in this class, the instructor, my classmates, and my clinical preceptor have all taught me many things. This course has prepared me to meet the MSN program outcome #6, the MSN Essential VII, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 8 in many ways.

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