NR602 Week 7: Homework- MyEvaluations Log

NR602 Week 7: Homework- MyEvaluations Log

NR602 Week 7: Homework- MyEvaluations Log

    • Due Dec 13 by 11:59pm
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Perform clinical activities under the guidance of a clinical preceptor and document all of your patient encounters and practicum hours on the clinical documentation log and submit before the end of Week 7.

Week 7: References

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Week 7: Week at a Glance

This week, we will be diving into management of illness, and there will be a great deal of content to cover. Remember we are only scratching the surface of pediatric care this week. It is wise to keep up with your readings. We will focus on some common pediatric symptom presentations, body systems and diseases that should not be missed in pediatric populations: elimination, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, endocrine, metabolic and rheumatic conditions in children.
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