NR 504 Week 1 Discussion Question Essentials Of Leadership

NR 504 Week 1 Discussion Question Essentials Of Leadership

NR 504 Week 1 Discussion Question Essentials Of Leadership

A leader possesses the ability to combine a desire for improvement with knowledge of how to wield influence and mobilize support (Dickson & Tholl, 2014). The emphasis in nursing and public health is on health improvement. Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) identified several major responsibilities for 21st-century healthcare leaders. Using the essentials of leadership, choose two (2) tasks from the list below and discuss how you would exercise influence and engage support for each of your chosen tasks.

  1. Deconstructing the barriers and structures of the 20th century
  2. Alerting staff about the implications of changing what they do
  3. Establishing safety around taking risks and experimenting
  4. Embracing new technologies as a way of doing work
  5. Reading the signposts along the road to the future
  6. Translating the emerging reality of health reform into language that the staff can use
  7. Demonstrating personal engagement with health reform
  8. Helping others adapt to the demands of a value-driven health system
  9. Creating a safe milieu for the struggles and pain of changing practice and service
  10. Enumerating small successes as a basis for supporting staff


NR 504 Week 2 Discussion Leadership Whirlwind Recent

Leadership Whirlwind

Step into a Leadership Whirlwind by clicking on the icon below. After listening to the “Whirlwind” identify two issues and develop a specific plan that would facilitate improvement for C.J. Your plan requires scholarly support for the actions as well as providing C.J. information useful for improvement.

Peer response: For the peer response, you assume the role of C.J.’s immediate supervisor who must review and approve the improvement plan. You need to select a peer’s initial posting, review the suggested plan, provide feedback regarding the stated plan, and you must add one different technique/action to improve the identified plan.

NR 504 Week 2 Role of Ethics within Leadership Recent


The purpose of this assignment is to apply ethical principles to current leadership practices within healthcare by a) explaining two ethical principles, b) applying selected ethical principles to leadership, c) identifying how selected ethical principles can prevent or resolve leadership concerns, d) discussing how selected ethical principles will be incorporated into own leadership practices, and e) communicate ideas in a clear, succinct and scholarly manner

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