IPE 7050 Assignments: Adult Learning Principles

IPE 7050 Assignments: Adult Learning Principles

IPE 7050 Assignments: Adult Learning Principles


Adult Learning Principles

University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences IPE7050: Evidence-Based Practice for Healthcare Professionals


Adult learning principle was described by Malcolm Knowles as a method where adults learn through self-direction and self-motivation (Russw ). This principle explains that adults are goal oriented, they have various purposes for learning and they always focus on their goals of achieving more knowledge and education. It explains that there is an inward motivation to learn compare to a younger person. Learning is self-directed, when adults decide to learn, they are well involved in the learning and they have expectations to be met. According to (Russell), most adults choose adult learning to make advancement or modification to a way of life that can include skills, behavior, knowledge, status, level and even to add value to themselves.

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Adult learning principle is a unique one because it is self-motivated, learners can learn at their own pace, this can sometimes be through an online class or in class. Instructors are more into trying to help the learners to achieve their goals rather than trying to make them fail or miserable. Adult Learners relies on past ability and motivation, they believe they can do it especially if they have done it in the past. The education and the experience they have had in the past assist them to achieve more in their learning. Adults don’t have to be pressurized like children, they understand why it is important to stay focused and engaged in other to achieve their goals.

Adult education is a way to improve oneself and add value to one’s life and career, the purpose of learning is for an indicated purpose and that is why it is so important to understand its benefits and purpose. Adult learn best when they know that the information and end result will be of positive result. Adult learning process is enhanced when there is full participation in the learning process and the learners have full control over the material. This encourages the learner to devote all attention and be physically involved in making sure that learning and assimilation is done. Self-evaluation is also important at the end of the task to assess if it is beneficial or not. This way the learner can retrace steps back to amend things such as focusing more or reviewing materials more.

Most Important Adult Learning Principles

Knowles principle of adult learning emphasizes on four points that include the need for adults to be well involved in the planning and evaluation of instruction. It also involves the experience as the basis for learning, this is whereby the experience that an adult has will guide in all decision making and making learning easier and successful. Another principle is that learning for adults is problem centered and not content oriented. The last principle says adults are most interested in learnings that will improve their skills either in education or in their career path. (Pappas, 2013).

The adult learning principle that I believe to be the most important is when the learner participates fully and deeply in the learning process. A learner is well involved in planning and evaluating the content. This is the foundation of the success of learning. If there is no strong participation, it makes the foundation of the learning weak thereby causing inefficiency. Putting a total involvement and concentration will increase productivity and enable the learner to be perfect in what is being learnt. I prefer this learning process because it is the basis that will develop into direct confrontation and self-evaluation where the learner assess the outcome of the learning.

Adult Learning Principles and Personal Learning Style

There are different learning styles that each adult prefers to use, some people prefer visual styles where they learn through written instructions. This is a process that enable adults to read their materials and learn by looking at different illustrations that will enhance their learning. This method is used by many people because it helps with storing information and being able to go back and retrieve the information through their learning materials.

Auditory learning style is another one that focuses on verbal instructions, this is also preferred by some adults that can learn fast through hearing. This method works best for some adults that don’t do well with written information, they tend to assimilate better once they hear the information. The information heard by these group of people remain intact and they develop it into bigger projects.

Another style is called the Kinesthetic learning style. This is where the learners involve their body in the learning process physically, this can be through group activities. Some adults prefer this method because learners here do not forget what is learnt easily. They demonstrate what is needed to learn and most people find this to be very interesting because they are so involved in activities that results to the outcome of the learning.


I am deeply involved in my learning because I believe that my input will determine the output I receive at the end of the day. Full participation is my goal in achieving my education, my learning style is the auditory learning because the verbal instruction keeps ringing in my ears. I learn best when I hear information over and over, this is my preferred learning style because it helps me to retain information. Adult learning process has made going back to school easy for people like me, am highly motivated by my career. The mission to add more values to myself and also be in a position to improve process and outcome has been my motivation for seeking adult learning.

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