DNP 815 All Weeks Discussions from GCU

DNP 815 All Weeks Discussions from GCU

DNP 815 All Weeks Discussions from GCU

Week 1 Discussions

DQ 1 Identify a historical change or event that had significant impact on the development of nursing theory.  Discuss the effect of the change/event on nursing from that point forward, the contribution(s) to nursing that resulted, and how it relates now to successfully preparing the DNP for practice.

DQ 2 Provide one definition and an outline of the structure of theory. Debate the purpose of theory and your perspective on the role theory or the lack of theory in today’s nursing practice environment. What purpose (if any) does theory contribute.

Week 2 Discussions

DQ 1 Define the process of theory building. Discuss the differences in approach based on inductive versus deductive reasoning. Describe how you would build and test theory in your practice area.

DQ 2 Select a nursing model or theory described in your textbook.  What are the key concepts and components of the example you selected, and how are they defined? Create an example describing the application to an area of nursing practice.

Week 3 Discussions

DQ 1 Compare and contrast a minimum of two middle range theories and discuss potential applications in your specific area of nursing practice.

DQ 2 Conduct a literature search in the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) using the terms middle range theory, mid-range theory, and nursing. Select one of the articles where the development of the middle range theory is the major focus of the paper. Share the article citation and describe how the theory was developed.

Week 4 Discussions

DQ 1 Describe a recent or current ethical issue you have faced in nursing practice or which has attained national attention. Discuss the application of ethical theories or principles to the issue. Support the application with sound reasoning.

DQ 2 Consider yourself in a role in which you are accountable for allocation of scarce health care resources for a given situation. Discuss how ethical principles, virtues, and values affect your decision making. Describe your process for ethical decision making. How might a resolution cause conflicts between personal values and beliefs and the perspective of the community or organization?

DNP 815 Week 5 Discussions

DQ 1

Learning theories have implications for advanced practice nurses outside the classroom. Share an example describing the application of learning theory or theories to develop a program targeting change to a specific organizational issue, patient lifestyle, or specific unhealthy behaviors.

DQ 2

Health behavior change theories suggest behavior change as a “process,” not an “event.” How can you put this into action for developing an intervention for practice or research? Discuss how you would apply this in planning your DNP project.

DNP 815 Week 6 Discussions

DQ 1

Discuss “Envisioning Recovery” as an overarching framework for practice development and focus for all health care treatment.

DQ 2

How can the knowledge of economic theory be utilized by advanced practice nurses? How can economic theory be applied in analysis of interventions?

Week 7 Discussions

DQ 1 How can the DNP-prepared nurse apply the concepts of a complex adaptive system to individual patient care? Provide examples.

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DQ 2 Research change theories in scholarly literature and on the Internet. Develop a scenario and describe application of a change theory from the perspective of an advanced practice nurse leader.

Week 8 Discussions

DQ 1 Which science-based theories do you think are the most useful to advanced practice nurses, and why?

DQ 2 Explore various science-based theories. Select two theories to describe to your peers. How is each of these theories relevant to application for a DNP-prepared nurse.DNP 815 All Weeks Discussions from GCU