Discussion Week 2: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Discussion Week 2: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Discussion Week 2: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Suggested length: 3-5 pages


This paper is a reflection on the ways that you can develop your own social and emotional intelligence.

It will be based on “The Five Discoveries Exercise”, which is described on pages 3 and 4 of the article “The Emotional and Social Competency Model” (excerpts) by Boyatzis and Goleman (2007). However, I am adding a SIXTH question – be sure to answer all six in your paper!

The article “How and why individuals are able to develop emotional intelligence” by Boyatzis (2001) is an excellent guide to concepts you might want to include in this paper.


To complete this paper:

Answer each of the “Five Discoveries” questions from Boyatzis and Goleman, along with the sixth question that I have added. I have reprinted the five questions below, and included the sixth question. Please note that you should answer these questions in terms of your own social and emotional competencies!

Question 1: My ideal self

What is my ideal self? What do I want for my future? What kind of person do I want to be? What are my aspirations?

Question 2: My real self

What is my real self? Who am I? How do others see me? What are my strengths – where am I close to my ideal? In what ways do I differ from my ideal self – what areas do I want to develop?

Question 3: My learning agenda

What is my learning agenda? How can I get closer to my ideal self? How can I build on my strengths? How can I work on a few weaknesses? What do these new behaviors look like for me?

Question 4: Experimentation and practice

How can I experiment and practice? What can I do to practice new behaviors? What can I do to experiment and test new approaches?

Question 5: Trusting relationships

Who can I trust to help me? Who can help me through each step of my learning agenda? Who will provide help, support, ideas and encouragement? Are there different people who can help me in different ways?
Question 6: Supporting others in their learning

As I develop my own emotional intelligence, how can I help support others in doing the same? Where are the opportunities in my life for helping others become more aware of their emotional intelligence? How do I do this without being judgmental or alienating?

With each question, be SPECIFIC in your answers – try to develop a real, practical plan.



In your paper, you should cite the readings that you found relevant. Please use APA format if you are quoting or citing a reading in the paper, and make a list of the readings cited in APA format at the end of your paper. A handout on using APA format is posted in the “Course Information” folder on Blackboard.

Discussion Week 2: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Formatting your paper:

Please create a new heading for each question, labelled “Question 1”, “Question 2”, etc. You do NOT have to retype the actual question (I know what they are!).


Please type your paper using:

12 point font (this document is written in 12 point font!)

1 inch margins (this document has 1 inch margins!)

Double-spacing between lines (this document is single-spaced).


You may either turn in a hard copy of your paper, or email it to me as an attachment.

If you email the paper, be sure to save the electronic version of your paper with your name and assignment number, for example, “Your name Paper 1”.

If you email your paper, I will return it by email with comments and a grade, but I will not print it out.

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Boyatzis and Goleman – The Emotional and Social Intelligence Model (excerpts) (1)


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