Discussion: Influence/affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior

Discussion: Influence/affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior

Discussion: Influence/affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior

How does digital media ( television, internet, smartphone, videos, music) influence/ affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior?
After you have located information in the online reference databases, try your hand at writing the definition section rough draft. Not only are there 2 definition section examples attached, but you can also use the definition sections in the 4 sample research papers in the Research Paper folder for more guidance.
In your rough draft, I am expecting you to include embedded citations in APA style AND the full citation(s) (at the end of the text) for your sources. I discourage the use of direct quotations unless you simply cannot paraphrase. However, when you do paraphrase, you must cite the source where you got the information at the end of the sentence WITHIN the period (the ending period for the sentence comes after the closing parenthesis for the citation)
so the paper is going to be look like these examples: and MUST Relate to my topic
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Definition of Topic

When discussing full day kindergarten (FDK) it is important to understand what kindergarten, half-day kindergarten (HDK), and FDK mean. In German, kindergarten means “child’s garden” (Provenzo, 2008, p. 1). Kindergarten is where children learn “moral development” and “intellectual and physical development”(Provenzo, 2008, p.1). When a child attends HDK he/she attends school for a three hour time frame. Most states have some students attending kindergarten either in the morning from 8:00 am-11:00am or in the afternoon from 12:00pm-3-00 pm (Provenzo, 2008). FDK means that students attend school for six hours at a time. When children attend FDK they have more time to focus on specific learning areas such as mathematics, reading, and speech.

Academic outcomes means that children are reaching their fullest potential in their school work. FDK is related to academic outcomes because there are some who believe that children who attend FDK perform better throughout school, thus, improving the way those students perform academically. There are a number of studies being done to see if this assumption is true or not.

Kindergarten is important to education because it is where children learn basic life skills. They learn things they need to know for everyday life such as manners, and they also learn academically when attending kindergarten. According to Hanson (2002), kindergarten is “vital to both individual and society well-being as the education of older children and young adults” (p. 622).

Foster children are children who have been placed in alternative care because of their biological parents’ inability to provide basic care. Foster care can be a short-term or long-term arrangement based upon the biological parents’ willingness to change (Ferguson, 2002). The foster parents provide them with social, emotional, and physical care. Sometimes the damage is already done to these children. The anatomic brain structures that contribute to personality traits, learning processes, and dealing with stress and emotions are established and made permanent during the first 3 to 4 years of life. Limited parental nurturing during critical periods of brain development, cognitive, language, and personal socialization skills may be the reason foster children are far behind in comparison to normal children (Pediatrics, 2000). While this is not the case for every child, maternal drug abuse can also result in the child’s low birth weight and premature birth which causes neuro-developmental problems. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect all have an effect on the child’s mental and cognitive development. Failed reunions with biological parents and moving around to live with several different families causes instability in their lives. Their unconventional childhood and flawed development causes hardships inside and outside of the classroom. Poor test scores, drop outs, and no college education are often the futures for these children. With the environment they are forced to cope with, learning is often increasingly difficult (Ferguson, 2002).

definition Section Worksheet


Use this worksheet to help you gather the required information for your background section.Discussion: Influence/affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior
State your research paper question here:
Identify your first keyword term:
Go to the Cook Library site>Research Databases>Sage Knowledge and enter your keyword term. Review your results and read a couple of the entries.

When you find information that presents a scholarly, professional definition/explanation of your keyword, cite the source here:
Compose – in your own words – a paraphrase of the definition of your keyword here:
Repeat this process for your next keyword. Sometimes you will need more than 2 definitions. For example, if your research question is about the dangers of texting and driving, then you would define “cell phone”, “SMS (short messaging system which is the term for text-messaging), and vehicle driving or driving safety.

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