Assignment: Psychology Summative Case Study

Assignment: Psychology Summative Case Study

Assignment: Psychology Summative Case Study

Summative Paper

Your client, Julie Brown, is seeking career counseling to help her decide what direction to take in her career. She was recently laid off from a full-time position as a counseling assistant at a local community college. As part of her responsibilities in that job, Julie worked at the front desk of the counseling center. She was the first contact to students, answering basic questions and signing students in to see counselors.  She conveyed to you that she absolutely loved her job. Prior to working as a counseling assistant, she worked part time as a test proctor, while earning her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Fresno State University. Julie visited the career center while in college. Her Keirsey temperament type is Idealist. Her Holland code is Social. Her Myers-Briggs typology indicator is Enterprising, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving (ENFP). Julie has indicated that she wants to consider three career paths before making a final decision. She is open to working full time and attending school at night or working part time while attending school full time. While she prefers personal interactions to virtual communication, she has indicated that online schooling is an option.

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Develop an intervention plan including three possible career paths. The plan must include short-term (less than 1 year), intermediate (1-5 years), and long-term career and educational options (5 or more years). The intermediate and long-term options should include options to further her education, specifically identifying colleges/universities, degree program options, length of program, cost, and post-graduate career options. In a 3,500- to 4,200-word (10- to 12-page) case study paper, not including the title and references pages and incorporating your Part I and Part II Case Study assignments, include all of the following components: Assignment: Psychology Summative Case Study

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of case-study information
  • Relevant theoretical frameworks
  • Relevant information on her Keirsey temperament type, Holland code, and MBTI
  • Short-term plan
  • Intermediate plan (including education options and career-outlook information for positions she can seek after graduating) . Psychology Summative Case Study Paper
  • Long-term plan (including education options and career-outlook information for positions she can seek after graduating)
  • List of resources for client use (including a brief summary of each resource)
  • Conclusion

Use a minimum of 12 scholarly sources in addition to the course text within the paper.

Psychology Summative Case Study Paper

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