Annotated Nursing Bibliography

All about Annotated Nursing Bibliography

One of the primary assignments that a student will encounter during his or her college studies is annotated nursing bibliography. Annotated bibliography assignments are more common in graduate schools than in undergraduate schools.

Hence, students must often be prepared to write exceptional annotated bibliographies to score high grades. Success in writing a high-grade annotated bibliography depends on three primary factors. The student must understand what annotated bibliography is, what distinguishes it from a reference list, and its unique features.

annotated nursing bibliography

Yes, you read it right. What is a Bibliography?

Students commonly use the terms reference list and bibliography interchangeably. Although there is an almost blurred line between the two, they are quite different in their form and purpose. When writing a proposal or a paper, a student must provide a list of all the sources used in the bibliography.

The list should include all the potential sources, whether they end up in the final paper. This is important because some of the sources in the bibliography, although not used in the final paper, may lead to a more relevant and quality source. Nursing Bibliography Hence, a bibliography is a by-product of extensive research.

On the other hand, a reference list is the index of all the sources you cited in the final paper. These sources must be relevant to the information in the paper. Unlike the bibliography, sources not used in the paper should not be included in the reference list. A reference list is meant for recording all the in-text citations.

Significance of Reference List or Bibliography

A reference list or a bibliography provides the reader with adequate and in-depth details on the sources used in the paper. The following is important information that each source in the reference list or bibliography must contain:

  • Source
  • Volume
  • Date of Publication
  • Author(s) Name
  • Title
  • Page Numbers
  • Edition
  • Issue

Before writing the reference list or bibliography, it is critical to identify the citation style indicated by the professor. This is because each editorial style has its unique way of presenting the sources.  The most commonly used academic citations are Chicago, APA, Harvard, Turabian, and MLA. Typically, nursing assignments and papers follow the APA citation. The last chapter or appendix of nursing textbooks would often have reference lists or bibliographies.

Annotated references are concise summaries of sources written in the student’s own words. Thus, they demonstrate a student’s understanding of the sources. In the course of the semester, your professor will require you to write annotated bibliographies of various course readings such as websites, textbooks, and other texts. This means you need to highlight and summarize the main ideas in the text.

Consequently, you will develop the skills of comprehending, interpreting, and compressing information in a given material into the main points by the author. Annotating sources equips the nurses with the skills to write reports during practice, as well as in essays, theses, and dissertations. Writing annotated bibliographies is quite easy. However, when faced with the right deadlines or held up in other engagements, you can contact us at Nursing Bay for quick assistance.

An Annotated Bibliography in Nursing in Important in:

  • Gaining an in-depth comprehension of the topics
  • Identifying the gaps in the current information
  • Identifying areas that require further research
  • Understanding research from other scholars on the same topic
  • Developing an informed view
  • Determining the relevance of each source to the topic

Styles for Writing Annotated Bibliography in Nursing:

  • Informative Annotation
  • Combination Annotation
  • Indicative Annotation
  • Evaluative Annotation

You can learn more about using these annotation styles to better the delivery of your nursing annotated bibliography by requesting tutorial assistance through our order page, found here. In addition, if you need help in writing a nursing annotated bibliography that scores high grades, contact us. Nonetheless, here is a brief guide on what to consider when preparing an annotated nursing bibliography.

annotated nursing bibliography

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